Win at Customer Support with Lyra

Instant and Precise Information for Your Customers through Lyra's guided conversation and smart AI engine.

Lyra - The Power of Conversation

Lyra is a conversational AI platform, which makes the engagement with your customers as natural as chatting with a real person. Designed with industry-specific expertise and contextually trained, Lyra is your cost-effective, consistent and always available companion, which is well-versed of your business, whether it is Banking or Insurance.


Improve productivity and cut customer service costs with Lyra. No more repetitive tasks for the human agents.


Provide cohesive, consistent customer service with Lyra's trained and controlled responses.

Always Available

Customers are happy to get the information they need when they need it.
Lyra comes in handy.

Choose the best policy with Lyra

Imagine a bot that can help your customers understand your different insurance policies and recommends the most appropriate one based upon their needs.

Lyra is your dedicated insurance agent which makes insurance faster, easier and more personal than ever before. No more lengthy form-filling; Lyra makes it a breeze to capture and process all the information in a most conversational manner.

Questions on Banking Services? Ask Lyra

Lyra is pre-loaded with multiple of banking intents, sentences, questions & answers (QnA). As your bank's smart personal advisor, it can fulfill requests, solve problems and also predict your customers' banking needs.
With Lyra, banks can now:

Smart & Intelligent Lyra

Lyra is intergrated with Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) which is a cognitive service for contextual language understanding. Through LUIS, which uses the power of machine learning, Lyra is able to solve the difficult problem of extracting meaning from natural language input.

With the help of LUIS, Lyra learns quickly, keeps on improving, and takes minimum amount of your time and effort.

Lyra across Your Channels

Imagine building separate bots for each of your channel. That's a hurdle!

Lyra offers a different approach. We believe that scalability is crucial for the success of a chatbot strategy. Lyra is built once, and integrated with your company's Website and Facebook Messenger - all important to gain more reach.

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Lyra conversational metrics

Ignoring your bot's performance is not an option. Lyra provides you with conversational-level reporting on users, engagement, retention, channel data, and more.

Benefits to your company:

  • Increase user engagement
  • Understand user behaviour and bring changes
  • Review conversations to improve your products

Powerful Features

Increase your company’s customer care capacity and customer satisfaction with Lyra

YOU own your data, not US

The smart AI engine of Lyra is deployed within your Cloud account, with SLA. The rights to retain ownership, use and control of your data is YOU.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML)

Lyra is powered by rich data and text processing algorithms which enable your users to have a conversation that is as natural as possible.

Always Learning

Lyra is frequently trained / re-trained through natural language questions, on the pre-scripted, as well as, fresh data to stay on top of the game.

Multi-lingual Lyra

Using LUIS, Lyra is multi-lingual and can be trained to understand over 10 different languages.

Consulting Help

No need to worry or struggle with the training of Lyra. The smart engine of Lyra is trained / re-trained by our team of experts on your behalf.

Location Awareness

Using location services in the devices, Lyra performs tasks based on your customers' location - such as get directions to your office.

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